New Classes being offered in Detmold (Germany) from 20th November, 2012


We will be starting classes from the 20th of November, classes will include – (Children Ages 6 – 9) Shotokan Tigers –               Tuesdays and Fridays 18:00 – 19:00 / Dienstag und Freitag 18:00 – 19:00 (Children Ages 9 – 15) Karate,               Tuesdays and Fridays 18:00 – 19:00 / Dienstag und Freitag 18:00 – 19:00 (Adults, Age…


School Of Shotokan Karate, Gavalachori, Crete

Christmas Party 2012 008

Holiday fun in Crete! Here are some updated pictures of the school out in Crete! Below are some pictures of the newly formed Shotokan Karate School in the Gavalachori Dojo. You can see, Sensei Angela O’Brien 2nd Dan (far left) and Sempai Charlie Szybiak 1st Dan(far right) in the picture directly below, as well as the budding new students in the images that follow. Stay tuned for more updates as the club grows!…


US Navy Souda Bay (Greece) – Shotokan Karate Grading


The grading at Souda Bay went very well and I’m pleased to announce that everyone who took part passed with flying colours! Congats to Pam, Jurgos, Lee, Leo & Jermaine for getting to the next stages in their karate journey. It was also a pretty big day for Sensei Roland Rhodes, we put him through his paces, and I’m happy to say he is now a 1st Dan Black Belt!…


Gichin Funakoshi – Grand Master


Grand Master Funakoshi Gichin. 1868 – April 1957 Founder Traditional Shotokan Karate. Shoto – Waving Pines Kan – Hall. Shoto – Funakoshi’s Pen/Nik Name. Kan – Hall Place of Training. Shotokan Karate was adopted from Shorin Ryu & Shuri Ryu the two original forms of Okinawa-te. Master Funakoshi Gichin mixed the two styles. They were Hard & Soft, mixing the two he developed the style known world wide as :…